"Boys Personalised Story Books"

Boys Personalised Story Books

A new novel gift idea sure to amaze children as they read and discover the story is all about them.

There’s nothing more magical than story time with your little one, taking their imagination to far-off places and introducing them to exciting new adventures. Make it even more special – cast your child as star of their own story book

This is an ideal personalised gift for children.

All books listed in this boys personalised story books section are suitable for boys from newborns to 8/9 year olds. There are many titles of our personalized story books to suit boys from super heroes to soccer heroes. Playing for your favorite football team could be the perfect choice for football fans. Saving the day with Batman or Superman can encourage active imaginations from Teddy bears to Dinosaurs and many more will fascinate and educate little minds.

Each book will include your child’s name and their friends throughout these entertaining children’s stories.

All these 24 page boys book are beautifully illustrated in full colour and are made with a washable hardcover and are 6″ x 9″ (A5) in size